Friday, 29 March 2013

Simply Pleased to meet you Kimberley! We launch our Essex office....

We are delighted to introduce Kimberley to you... Director of our new Essex office. We ask her a few questions to get to know her a little better....

What is your background?
I spent three years at college which resulted in an HND and a degree in journalism. I have lived and travelled in North America and Australia and have worked for the children’s charity UNICEF for 14 years. I have two children – Toby aged 11 and Sophie aged 9 

Why did you take a franchise with Simply Bows? 
I have wanted to work for myself for some time so when I took voluntary redundancy from UNICEF as the office was relocating to London, this was an ideal time to look into doing something for myself that I would enjoy and get satisfaction from. After reading an article about Sarah in Tesco magazine I wondered if taking a franchise with Simply Bows was something that would be possible for me and offer me the opportunity to do something creative that also fits around busy home life. It has all fallen into place at the right time for me and feels right so it is my chance to work for myself doing something creative. 

Why do you love working for yourself?

I love working for myself because it offers so much more flexibility than working in an office for someone else. Although it’s very early days I’m sure that getting out and about, meeting people and creating a finishing touch will give me great pleasure.

Why do you love being a Simply Bows franchisee?

Because Simply Bows is a great brand that I believe in and it gives me a buzz to be a part of it.

If you could dress a celebrity wedding - whose would you choose and why?

Pippa Middleton because she is stylish, down to earth and would probably set a new trend when she gets married

How would your friends describe you in three words?

Positive, loyal and fun

Are you married? 
Yes I am married. My husband and I got married in France in 2007. The venue was a 17th century farmhouse where we had a marquee on the lawn. Although it was in April the sun shone for us so it was like a summers day and it was lovely to be outside. The only thing I have to own up to is that we didn’t have chair covers! 

What events other than weddings have you dressed, if any? 
I have volunteered at some large charity events for UNICEF and helped finish dressing the venues. The snowflake ball a few years ago was set up by Trudie Styler to raise money for children in Africa. It was held at the Dorchester Hotel in London and each chair had a pair of wings on the back which were really difficult to attach to the covers! 

How can Simply Bows blog readers get in touch with you?

Twitter: @SBowsEssex 
Facebook: Kimberley Sbows

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