Monday, 25 February 2013

Phase Eight Bridal Collection 2013 is launched!

Simply Bows and Chair Covers are delighted to share with you the new Phase Eight Wedding Dress Collection 2013. We just love some of their elegant designs and of course their high street price tags!

They have some stunning wedding dresses, bridesmaid dresses and mother of the bride dresses...

 See all of their bridal dresses here and their bridesmaid dresses via this page.
You can see their Behind the Scenes Wedding Photoshoot with Brides magazine here too. 

Tuesday, 19 February 2013

Simply Unique: Quirky Invitation Gift Boxes

What is your company name?
Premurosa – which means ‘thoughtful’ in Italian. 

What is your line of business?
    We are an online gift & card company supplying letterbox friendly, bespoke gift boxes, including Invitation gift boxes, with quality presents and cards all wrapped beautifully. Our strap line is; ‘Thoughtful and more…because we are!  We love to send a little bit of happiness in the post. 
    How and why the company begin?
    I simply felt that I had it in me, I was actually three quarters of the way through a nutrition course when one day, out of the blue, my daughter sent me a lovely little bracelet.  It arrived in a beaten up brown corrugated envelope with the message printed on a white sticker and guess what?  It made my day!  It wasn’t really the gift, it was the surprise and the message, the fact that someone was thinking of me for no reason.  I started to think ‘how nice would it be to receive a gift, wrapped beautifully with a lovely card and personalised message in a bespoke box that fits through the letterbox.  Something that would be a pleasure to open…Premurosa was born. 
    Are you married?
    If so tell us a little about your wedding…. 
    Both John and I had been married before, we have six children between us. Neither of us had had a really plush wedding before so we decided to celebrate in style! We lived in a lovely little Northumberland village at the time with a very pretty C of E church and wanted to get married there but the vicar wouldn’t entertain the idea so we ended up getting married in the little Methodist Chapel instead and it turned out to be the best wedding ceremony. The minister, Maureen, was a lovely lady who gave a speech that touched everyone’s heart.  The reception took place at Horton Grange, it was a lovely day and in the garden the champagne flowed.  A delicious four course meal followed and we continued on into the evening with a fab live band, dancing, drinking and bacon rolls for supper! The staff were exceptional all day.  It was all perfect.  Our boys were all Ushers and our two girls Bridesmaids, they looked fabulous.  John didn’t look so bad either and I absolutely loved my dress, didn’t want to take it off! 
    Why do brides come to you? 
    We offer Brides and Grooms the chance to really impress their guests right from the start.  Our Invitation gift boxes are letterbox friendly, bespoke boxes with a personalised gift and card so their guests not only receive a lovely invitation but a gorgeous gift too!  They really do make an impression.  The boxes are designed so the sleeve is taken off first revealing the word ‘Invitation’ on the insert so the guest still doesn’t know who the invite is from or what for.  The insert is then opened to reveal the card and they then unwrap the tissue paper to finally reveal the gift.  We offer Invitation cards as well as Save the Date and RSVP’s. We’re a new company and these Invitation gift boxes are quite unique, the response at wedding fairs from Brides and Grooms to be has been so good. They’re also pleased to know that we offer ‘thank you’ gift boxes for after the wedding too.  
    What is your favourite design and why?
    My favourite gift for the Invitation gift boxes would have to be the hand-made chocolate slabs.  They are made to order with quality ingredients and can be personalised to suit the sender.  For example you could have ‘Be our Guests’ piped on to chocolate or the Bride & Groom’s names with a date for Save the Date gifts. It’s lovely that they can be made so unique.  
    What is the most popular item you supply and why? 
    Our most popular items have to be chocolate and also our bath & body treats. Most of our bath & body treats are hand-made and mainly organic and some really do look good enough to eat!  Our homemade cakes are also popular and simply delicious. For large numbers we could design mini wedding cakes!    
    Where do you get your inspiration from? 
    I’m creative by nature and a bit of a perfectionist (which isn’t always a good thing) so once I get started on something I like to make it the best it can be.  Premurosa has been quite a journey so far with the designing of the gift boxes and the cards, the website, choosing the gifts….but I love every minute of it!  I love putting everything together, offering a service and making two people happy when a gift box lands on the doormat, the sender and the recipient.   
    What is in store for you in 2013?
    This is our first year so 2013 is all about letting people know that we’re here (please tell all of your friends!).  I have so many more ideas for gifts but I have to be realistic and concentrate on marketing for now.  Premurosa is such a lovely idea that I’m confident we’ll do well.  I’d like to finish the year with additional staff and a very busy Christmas! 
    Who would be your dream client, and what sort of design would you envisage for them? 
    I’m going to send Kate Middleton and William a ‘Welcome Little One’ gift box when the baby is born.  Maybe then she’ll use our Invitations for the Christening!!  Wedding invitations for Harry would also be a dream come true. 
    What would be your top tips for brides when searching for a supplier in your industry?
    Premurosa is pretty unique so it’s hard to compare us to anyone else, however, when you’re looking for any supplier it’s always good to make sure you look at a few suppliers and ask for ‘like for like’ quotes and find out about the service they offer.   
    Tell us something super interesting about you or your business that we wouldn’t already know…? 
    As well as being the founder of Premurosa I have a rather interesting job; I’m caddy for my husband who plays on the PGA European Seniors Tour so we travel the world for around 18 wks of the year mixing with some well know names in the golf profession.  They’re now like family to us. It keeps me fit whilst being really good fun at the same time. I’m also a mad Strictly fan and get totally depressed when the show is over. 

Where are you based and where can you supply?
Our factory is in Blaydon, Tyne & Wear and we usually supply to the UK, however, you can send a gift outside of the UK if you email us to organise this   

    How can I get in touch to discuss my requirements or place an order? 
    For the Invitation Gift Boxes it’s best to complete the form on our Invitation page.  We’ll then get back to you with a price or call you to discuss your requirements in detail.  Should you wish to order a gift from the website that is different to the ones shown, again, please email and we’ll see what we can do. 
    Why do you like to work with Simply Bows and Chair Covers? 
    I’m looking for modern, innovative, award winning, inspirational companies to work with and Simply Bows and Chair Covers certainly fits the bill and I’ve loved their enthusiastic response to my business right from the start!

Wednesday, 13 February 2013

Simply Romantic: Tale as old as time....

As you all know, the Simply Bows and Chair Covers ladies are a sucker for a bit of romance! So... in the spirit of Valentine’s Day Helen McArdle Care have shared with us some fabulous tales of how true love never grows old...

The beginning of a love story…
Leading up to St Valentine’s Day, residents and staff reminiscence about how their romantic love stories began…here’s some of the lovely stories which were shared....

Hawthorn Court, Hebburn
“I met my husband at Hebburn Ambulance Hall, after one dance he told me to save the next ten for him”
Joan Dunn

“I met my Bobby in the army. He was my first love, even though he thought I was someone else at first!”
Nancy Bell

“I married my childhood sweetheart”
Ivy Lynn

“We met at Oxford Galleries Tea Dance. He was sitting alone so I went and sat next to him and the rest is history. We married two years later and were sill together 57 years later.”
Winny Kirkup talking about her husband Herbie, both residents at Hawthorn Court

“I asked Bernie to dance, she was alright and I thought to myself I quite fancy her, so I asked her to go out with me. She said yes and we are still in love to this day”
Val Riley talking about her husband Bernie Riley, both residents at Hawthorn Court

Tom and Ethel Husband
The couple first met one another while strolling along Bede Burn Road, Jarrow, in the early 1930s. The area was known locally as ‘the hen run’, where boys and girls had a chance of romantic encounters!
Mr & Mrs Husband- Married 78 years- the longest in South Tyneside!

Park House, Guisborough
“I met my future husband in the blackout, when I saw him in the daylight he was 6ft 6 and more than passible looking! He was also in the Navy.”

“When I was a teenager everyone used to go dancing in Whitcombs in South Bank and that was where I met my future husband who was a great dancer!”

“My husband and I attended a ball in Middlesbrough Town Hall. I wore a full evening dress and when we got married our wedding photographs were on display in the photographer’s shop window.”

“I remember when I was courting my future husband; I rode on the back of his BSA motorcycle.”

“Unfortunately I was widowed very young with a small baby. However, one night my friends persuaded me to go dancing with them. Whilst there a gentleman danced with me all but refused to walk me home. But on seeing him again I gave him another chance and we later married.”

Needham Court, Jarrow

“I met my husband at St Andrews Dance Hall in Hebburn. We were both 21 and loved going to the pictures together.”
Gladys Johnson
“I was only 15 when I met my husband, we used to love going to the dance halls.”
Peggy Smith

“I met my husband when I was only 17. He joined the Royal Navy and we lost touch for a little while. However, we met up again mid 20s and later married. We were married in St Peters Church in South Shields when the war was taking place.”
Molly Batson

“I met my wife Elizabeth at a dance hall in Laygate, South Shields. In those days you went without alcohol at dance all, everyone drank lemonade.”
Jimmy Pattison

“At the age of 12 I was evacuated to Maryport in Cumbria. Once the war was over I returned to visit friends and met my husband. We married in 1952 at Holy Trinity Church in South Shields. We used to celebrate Valentine’s Day by simply giving a card; people could not afford much more.”
Audrey Fielding

“I met Gordon in 1945 at a dance at Hedworth Hall, we later married in 1947.”

“I met Walter when we were 14 and working in a factory. It was love at first sight!”

Springfield House, Low Fell
Dr and Mrs Jones moved into Springfield House on Valentine’s Day 2012. The couple met whilst Ray was working as a doctor and Jill as a nurse in Hertford General. They later married in 1945 in Manchester.
Dr & Mrs Jones- Married for 68 years

Melbury Court, Durham
Hilda met her husband Alex in a pub. She never had a Valentine’s card off him. Every year for the last ten years Hilda has received a Valentine’s card but she doesn’t know who it is from. Her family deny all knowledge off them. These years arrived yesterday and it is still anonymous.

Isobel met her husband at Brancepeth science labs where he was studying and where she worked as a technician. They married in June 1949.
 Alice met her husband in the high street. They got talking and started courting. She has never ever had a Valentine’s card and is 101 years old. She married in 1934 and then the following year had a mock wedding at Gretna Green. She still has her wedding hat in her room.
Ivy met her husband Alf at the local dance in the Welfare Hall in Shotton Colliery. They married on Jan 18th.
Joan was introduced to her husband Lesley by her sister Mary who was courting his brother John. They both married their respective partners.

Gladys met her husband Fred in the mill where she worked as a weaver and where he worked in the warehouse. They were married in 1937 and were married for 42 years.

Monday, 11 February 2013

Simply Mother of the Bride Tips...

So the big day is approaching, your daughter has bought her dream wedding dress and now it's time for you to think about getting your outfit but don't know where to start and what 'protocol' is these days?!

Consider the theme of the wedding
Think about the colour palette and style of the wedding. You don’t want to blend in but you also don’t want to clash terribly.

Consider the Bridesmaid and Mother of the Groom outfits
To ensure the all important wedding photographs are picture perfect, make sure your outfit doesn’t clash with the bridesmaids or the Mother of the Groom on the big day.

Make sure you are comfortable
Now is not the time for an entire new image! If you don't feel comfortable in heels, don't wear them! Find a gorgeous pair of flats. If you like to cover up your arms perhaps opt for a capped sleeve or a matching shrug or pashmina to match your outfit. Going too far out of your comfort zone will just lead to you feeling uncomfortable on the big day and thinking and fretting more about your outfit than the big event!

Consider headwear
You might be excited to have an excuse to wear a statement hat on your daughter’s special day or others dread it as they feel they just don't suit hats. There are no rules. Lots of mother of the brides don't wear hats these days, don't feel obliged! Maybe you would feel more comfortable option for a fascinator or jeweled slide?

Matching Accessories
There’s no need to match everything flawlessly – neutrals and nude colours are a brilliant solution when you can’t find the perfect colour match.

Try your dress on at home
Shopping for your outfit can be stressful! If in doubt pick a few of your favourite's and bring home to try on where you feel comfortable and can not only try on with suitable underwear solutions (for those pesky styles that require certain suck in knick's or push up bra's!) and team up with shoes etc. that you Alfred have You can always take the dress back if it isn’t ‘the one.’

Get a second opinion
Try your outfits on with a trusted friend or family member who can give you their honest opinion on each outfit choice... I'm sure the bride to be will give you her honest option. daughter's normally do! ;)

Shoes and Bag by Glitzaratti