Sunday, 7 April 2013

Simply an amazing opportunity to run your own business!

RBS Group recently revealed the following statistics:
    • Women who own their own businesses are more satisfied than those who don't
    • Female bosses report improved work-life balance and greater confidence
    • 31% of women in the North East want to run their own business
RBS research shows that women who run their own businesses are happier, more satisfied and enjoy a better work-life balance than those who work for someone else. The survey of 300 UK-based female entrepreneurs compared the experiences of female business owners across a range of sectors - investigating how running their own business had impacted on confidence, work-life balance and job satisfaction.
For example, women who own their own business s claim that their job satisfaction levels had increased from 55% to 75% after they started their company. Similarly, women reported that their confidence went from an average of 64% to 73%; while their work-life balance improved from 60% to 70%.

The research also found that women who hope to start up their own businesses are the most dissatisfied in their current jobs, while those who own their own businesses are the most satisfied. It is no surprise therefore that so many women want to set up their own company.
This indeed is no mean feat but Simply Bows and Chair Covers provide a fantastic franchise opportunity that offers all of the benefits of owning your own business but with a safety net of support, training, sharing of expertise and knowledge and an already established reputation and contact network that allows your business to see rapid growth from launch.
The franchise offers all of the initial training and support that you need to help get your business off the ground. The first twelve months of any business is crucial, and our comprehensive franchise support service includes:
  • Use of the unique Simply Bows & Chair Covers brand
  • Pre opening support to establish the business
  • Assistance with the production of a business plan and raising finance, if it is required
  • An in depth induction training programme
  • Comprehensive local launch strategy, including marketing and promotional activities
  • Ongoing advice and support, with access to our in depth knowledge and experience
  • Stock
  • Marketing Collateral
  • A business operating manual (containing details of our operating systems, marketing, administration, etc)
  • Initial stationery pack
  • Uniform
  • Point of Sale
Franchising is now a well established industry with a successful track record, and you’re possibly already aware of some of the general potential benefits franchising offers, such as funding arrangements with most of the high street banks, operating your own business but with the ongoing support from the franchisor. As the franchise network grows additional benefits will include greater brand awareness which in turn generates more demand for your service. You’re in business for yourself but not by yourself.

It's win win!

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