Saturday, 15 March 2014

Simply a Wedding in a Minion!!

We recently came across this fabulous wedding cake via Twitter and immediately contacted the creators to find out about their inspiration as we thought it was so unique and quirky!
The creator was the owner of My Sweet Cupcakery, Bath....
"Our Minion wedding cake (Dave and Marilyn MonMinion) was so much fun! Inspiration wise I have always loved doing minion cakes and have done quite a lot in cupcake form and as bigger cakes. We had a wedding fayre coming up recently and I thought it would be a perfect way to show a different side rather than just the traditional cakes"

"Half way though making them i couldnt visualise some of it so had a google to see if i could find some inspiration and up pops a cake similar to the one i was making! So full credit goes to Gettys Cakes (although hers is better than mine!)"

My Sweet Cupcakery are based in Bath and are just coming up to their one year anniversary in their gorgeous shop. Lets hope they keep up their fabulous creativity and share lots more fabulously unique wedding cakes with us!

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