Saturday, 3 November 2012

Simply Bespoke Wedding Jewellery: Lava Jewellery Design

Lava Jewellery Design is the husband and wife team, Duncan and Jacqui Grant. Both are trained jewellers in Aberdeen with over twenty years experience each in the design and creation of bespoke jewellery, combining to form a complementary and strong partnership
What is company name?

 What is your line of business?

Bespoke jewellery, Scottish themed collections and remodel and repairs all done in-house.

 How and why the company begin?
There is a demand for the look we create in our collections and the bespoke market arose due to people wanting something unusual for their wedding rings.

 Are you married?

Duncan and Jacqui are a husband and wife team at Lava

Why do brides come to you?
We are approachable, friendly, honest and fun to work with whilst providing the highest level of customer service and quality workmanship.

What is the most popular item you supply and why?
Bespoke wedding rings, people want to have something unique.

 Where do you get your inspiration from?
Everywhere, we can have inspiration from walks in the evenings, from conversations and from experiences which trigger ideas.

 What is in store for you in 2013?

 We have taken on 2 staff, won a large contract from Shetland for the second year in a row and are happy to keep producing high quality unique pieces of jewellery.

Who would be your dream client, and what sort of design would you envisage for them?
Our dream client is an enthusiastic one who wants something different to be made and has a story or request which is sentimental and unique to their piece of jewellery.

What would be your top tips for brides when searching for a supplier in your industry?

Go for someone who listens to your requirements, budgets and design ideas.

Where are you based and where can you supply?
We are based in Peterculter, just outside Aberdeen (8 miles outside) and can supply all over the world, and regularly do so.

How can I get in touch to discuss my requirements or place an order?
Email is the best option we can make an appointment or have a telephone consultation where necessary and get designs and budgets sorted out there.

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