Friday, 27 January 2012

Simply Engaged: A new trend... tell us your thoughts...

We once blogged about the highly controversial 'Wedding List' trend and your reactions were vast and varied both for and against!

Well Simply Bows and Chair Covers have recently discovered an ever growing trend for 'Engagement Lists' among our bride to be's and want to know your thoughts...

As with the majority of our UK trends this new phenomenon has originated from the USA. It is becoming so popular that now that Debenham's has seen a doubling in the number of engagement lists registered by customers in the past year.

Wedding lists tradionally focus on items for the home; cookwear, bedding, towels and other not terribly thrilling items! The Engagement lists however seem to include the more romantic items available.... heart shaped cake tins, silver plated heart shaped photo frames etc, his and hers robes etc.

Ladies and gentleman... tell us what you think.... a delightfully romantic idea to celebrate the commitment that two people have made to each other... or a greedy excuse to get more presents in an ever-growing material world?!

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