Tuesday, 27 September 2011

Simply Unique: Married on a rock in the middle of the sea....

Everyone wants their wedding day to be original. But trained lifeguards Becky Watkinson and Samson Hutson put more effort than most into coming up with a unique wedding venue.

Even more amazing... their 50 guests swan out to watch Becky and Samson tie the knot on a little rock off the North Devon Coast. Even Becky's 80-year-old grandpa, Brian Machin took the plunge. And the groom's father, who cannot swim donned a lifejacket and floated to the rock on his back.

Speaking before the ceremony Becky said: 'We’re not really conventional people - I wouldn’t want to wear a dress and Samson wouldn’t want to wear a suit. In the end the bride wore a white tutu over her wetsuit and the bridesmaids tutus were pink! One guest even wore a suit!

Becky and Samson tied the knot perched on a rock in Hele Bay, near Ilfracombe, Devon. The rock the ceremony took place on is about half a mile out to sea. After the service, the pair jumped off the rock into the sea, followed by some of their braver guests.

Becky admits her grandmother Muriel Machin, on the other hand, is 'not quite so excited' and will travel to and from the rock by boat. 'Nana made me laugh so much - she said ‘at 75-years-old I consider myself ancient and I certainly won’t be squeezing myself into a wet suit’,' Becky said.
'So many people said "no way" when they saw the invitation and that they’d watch it from the beach. But everyone slowly came round."

'The vicar is doing it too - that’s how we met him - during a coasteering session.'He’s the only vicar in the UK to do this sort of thing I think."

For the past two years, the couple, who are experienced coasteering instructors, have taught surfing, kayaking and climbing in and around Ilfracombe. They are both also trained beach lifeguards. 'We really love living in Devon and can’t think of anywhere better for the wedding,' Becky said.


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