Saturday, 10 September 2011

Simply Fashion: Vera Wang makes wedding headlines again

Vera Wang has made headlines (and the Simply Bows and Chair Covers Blog) alot recently as she is contiually picked to design the wedding gowns of the Hollywood A list (and B list!).

In August we brought the Kim Kardashian Wedding sneek peek to you (didnt see it? Click here).

Well world renowned Vera Wang who designed Kim's dress had now revealed that you too can wear a dress just like Kim's! It was only a matter of time until Kim Kardashian wedding dress lookalikes hit the stores - but we didn't expect Vera Wang, the original's designer, to get in on the act.
The high end dress-maker is to launch a range of kopykat Kardashian dresses, giving brides across the U.S. the chance to emulate the reality TV star.
The two designs, which will go on sale in February at affordable retailer David's Bridal, will deliver cut-price Hollywood glamour to the masses.

Vera Wang Design No.1

Vera Wang Design No.2

 The two styles will be on sale from February and will cost less than $1,600 each

Vera Wang also recently announced a partnership with Zales to sell diamond and sapphire engagement rings - some of which are rumoured to resemble the Duchess of Cambridge's elegant design. It seems there is no stopping Vera Wang at the moment and something tells us it will only be a matter of time before she hits the wedding headlines once again!

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