Sunday, 6 July 2014

Simply Honoured! Our Harrogate office dresses Tour de France events ....

Article by Alex Stead who runs our Harrogate and North Yorkshire office.
Just before the Christmas break 2011 while Yorkshire was celebrating the news that the grand depart was coming to Yorkshire I received an e mail from Welcome to Yorkshire saying that they were having a celebratory dinner to announce the details of the route. We were able to match the pantone colour we were given and procure the perfect Tour de France yellow sash all in the space of 7 days! They were delighted and we were too!

The dinner itself was held in Leeds Town Hall and the chairs we used were Chivari Chairs which did not require a cover. The French Dignitaries were all present as was the Deputy Prime Minister and other members of the peerage. The event was covered by local and French television.

The next big event to mark the Tour was a dinner in Ripon Cathedral which was 100 days before the start of the race. Once again the chairs we used were Chivari chairs which did not require a cover. Once again the event was covered by local television and was attended by hoteliers from the area, local sports personalities and various French officials. The beautiful flowers were silk and provided by Country Baskets.

Lastly and possibly most important was the Vive le Tour dinner this weekend, which was held in Harrogate's Royal Hall. This time we dressed the chairs in black chair covers and the Tour de France Colours. The event received no television coverage, but once again was host to French dignitaries, members of the peerage and since place cards were missing from the main tables I can only guess as to who sat in them. Both the prime minister and members of the Royal family were present in Harrogate over the weekend. Country baskets again did the flowers.

I am so honored to have played a part in one of the biggest events in Yorkshires recent history. Simply Bows and Chair Covers Harrogate will remember it always.

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