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Simply Something Blue!

Our friends over at Wedding UK created a little inspiration based around the 'Something Blue' rhyme and we thought it was great. Below we share it with you... if you prefer, head over to their page and read it there along with lots of other lovely blogs to inspire and charm you!
The words will no doubt be etched in your memory from your doll days and playground ceremonies, complete with tissue veils and bouquets of shredded daisies, torn from the ground. Now that the big day finally looms on the horizon, a fresh look and contemporary creativity is needed to make the oldest bridal checklist your own.
Something Blue
The cool shade synonymous with weddings was once worn as a symbol of faithfulness and loyalty, a hidden detail to reassure an anxious groom. Typically spotted on garters and ribbons and buried in the bouquet, blue inevitably finds its subtle way into the big day. But why not catch up with some seriously quirky brides this season, and celebrate with a unique take on the tradition?
Singing the Blues
Why wear the colour when you can listen to it, suggest Wedding UK members Cairn String Quartet and Arco String Quartet? Cairn are advocates of blues classics from artists like BB King or Jimi Hendrix, while Arco recommend Blue Moon. For Wedding UK's full Something Blue Playlist visit Wedding UK TV on YouTube.
Arco String Quartet - Mark Williamson
Arco in action. Image: Mark Williamson Photography
Blue In Motion
A to B has never been so wedding-friendly. Channel an adorably vintage, 1960's vibe with Wedding UK member Dorset Dubhire and a baby blue VW camper. The look is just crying out for a knee-length, Audrey Hepburn-inspired gown, flicked eyeliner and an ice cream palette.
Dorset Dub Hire - Lulu at the The Italian Villa
Dorset Dubhire VW camper 'Lulu', at The Italian Villa
Blue Shoes
If your theme allows, a pair of royal, midnight or sky blue pumps pop against an ivory gown and serve as the little something blue. We are swooning over these Rainbow Club heels, dyed a royal blue and available from the Butterfly Bridal Boutique.
Royal Blue Christy
Shoes this exquisite deserve to be enshrined and if you are planning on putting your pumps on display, we do not blame you. For extra romance, why not pen a note to your beloved in blue marker on the sole, write the date of your wedding day on the in-step or invite your bridesmaids to doodle the shoe box in blue?
A View in Blue
Choose a blue setting. Sound crazy? You can surround yourself in the shade by hosting your big day by the sea. What better than crisp sea air as you exchange your vows or party on down, reception-style? For the most serene sea view, head to the Grand Hotel Tynemouth.
Grand Hotel Tynemouth 218 - Jack Hall
Room 218, Grand Hotel Tynemouth. Image: Jack Hall.
Who says your something blue need play a part in your wedding? Your honeymoon is full of possibilities! Hop on a plane to a land of azure skies and more of that divine blue ocean.  The Carribean is calling.
Blue Jewels
Accents of blue do not come any more beautiful than jewellery. Sapphire is the ultimate choice, but crystals are just as covetable. Colin Campbell Jewellers are feeling the love with these sweet love heart earrings:
mm sapp hrt std
Laings of Glasgow also boast a bounty of blue, whether you are lusting after something delicate or dramatic:
Style It Blue
Your venue should be dressed just as carefully as you; do not underestimate the importance of crafting the ideal wedding atmosphere with attention to little styling details. Be it chair covers, sashes, table covers or centrepieces, blue can seep into your venue for a luscious look. Simply Bows and Chair Covers created a blue themed table with sumptuous fabric, diamont√© and blue floral accents.
Simply Bows and Chair Covers styling. Image: Stan Seaton.
Let There Be (Blue) Light
Take sections of your venue and uplight in blue, like Add a Little Sparkle have opted for at The Park Inn, Leigh.
Park Inn 4 - Add a Little Sparkle
Be Showered in Blue
The confetti shot is a wedding day essential. Why not throw a little blue into the mix? Have your guests toss tiny little pieces of blue tissue over you and your other half as you step out as man and wife. For added luxury, why not hand out petals instead? Shropshire Petals come housed in cute little cones and come in a variety of mixes – how pretty! Blue Bird £10.85 per litre
'Blue Bird' £10.85 per litre. Something Blue £10.85 per litre
'Something Blue' £10.85 per litre Shropshire Box Pick and Mix with Blue Confetti Cones filled with Something Blue from £38.50
Box Pick and Mix with Blue Confetti Cones filled with 'Something Blue' from £38.50
Blue Beauty
Paint your nails in tribute. With so many shades to choose from, you are to bound to find an icy blue, or deep and dark number to compliment your skin tone, ring and colour scheme.
Hung Up and Blue
The obligatory photograph of the gown hanging up now peppers modern wedding photography. Commit to the tradition, and hang your dress on a blue hanger – a subtle touch, but one that will ignite your dress and album.
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