Monday, 20 May 2013

Simply Inspirational: Sarah is now available to hire!

The Speakers Agency offer a range of specialists who talk expertly about their specific subjects and hugely successful entrepreneurs who demonstrate how to succeed as well as inspirational and motivational speakers who leave a lasting and positive impression on their audiences. Did you know that our MD Sarah Pittendrigh now features on as one of their esteemed inspirational speakers available to book to speak at your event?

Sarah knows what it’s like to have to bounce back. Four years ago, she was a single Mum to a 9 year old son on Income Support. However, as founder of Simply Bows and Chair Covers, Sarah is now a nationally-acclaimed businesswoman, offering an insight into what it’s like to go from bankruptcy to be one of Britain’s brightest business stars - quote from The Speakers Agency.

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  1. Great !
    The agency seems to provide the best inspirational speakers . Sarah with so many constraints is able to setup the business now she would like to share the personal experience .

    Inspirational Speaker

    Mark Duin