Wednesday, 19 December 2012

Simply American Retro! Fab New Wedding Service...

What is company name? 
Valley Retro Hire 
What is your line of business? 
American Wedding Hire 

How and why the company begin? 
Short answer we needed an excuse to buy this amazing car. Long answer… I was looking for a wedding car for my own wedding, but I didn’t want something traditional. I wanted something really special that fitted my partner’s style and mine. All my web searches and wedding fair visits didn’t inspire my choice until one day, my husband to be found a Buick Special for sale. One crazy thought led to another, and before we knew it we were traveling 300 miles down the country to view the car-both believing the car wouldn’t be as good as the photos we had seen. We viewed the car and it was just immaculate so we put the deposit down. The next week we made the same journey with a trailer to tow the car back with a Chuck Berry CD playing and planning the company name and website. 

Are you married? If so tell us a little about your wedding…
I’m getting Married in May 2013, we are obviously using the Buick as the wedding car and a lot of the styling is inspired by the car, I don’t want to tell you too much in case any of my guest are reading… 
Why do brides come to you? 
Brides that come to Valley Retro are fun loving, want the alternative wedding car and love retro styling. I’ve found a lot of brides thought the only alternative available to them was the VW campervan, I want to Make the Buick the new alternative.  
The Buick Special is very popular as the Brides Car. I have stolen a few Brides away from other suppliers when they have viewed the car. 

Where do you get your inspiration from? 
I love watching old movies and going to vintage fair’s. My husband to be and I watch a lot of programs such as American picker and American Restorations-usually while drooling at the items. I do raid my Grandma’s loft quite a lot-its amazing what you can find, vintage cameras, suitcase and typewriters. If you want vintage items, always try your grandparents first.
What is in store for you in 2013?
We are starting the year with the UK wedding show on January 26th and 27th at the Metro Radio Arena, where we will be introducing our new item to hire. It's something for the Brides, imported from the States which we have been restoring ourselves over the past year and a half. Its something I don’t think anyone else is offering at the minute, so we’re quite excited for its launch in January. 
Who would be your dream client, and what sort of design would you envisage for them? 
I think my Dream Client would be someone that really appreciates the car for what it Is, how good of condition its in and loves the styling of it as much as I do. We love the 50’s where all the designs were all hand drawn and above everything the styling was the most important thing. Mutual love always go’s down well too :)

What would be your top tips for brides when searching for a supplier in your industry?  
Do your research and always view before deciding. Pictures on websites don’t always show the full story, some supplies don’t have very good photos and others hide a lot with good photography. If you're not sure, always have another viewing. 
Tell us something super interesting about you or your business that we wouldn’t already know…? 
The Chauffer (and my husband to be) won a tarmac rally car championship in 2007 in his trusty 1983 Vauxhall Nova. Chris is a very good driver-but don’t worry he won’t be driving fast on your big day! Chris recently took an advanced driving course and passed first time so your in good hands. 
Where are you based and where can you supply? 
We are based between Newcastle and Hexham so we can service most of the northeast, with Newcastle, Northumberland, Gateshead and County Durham the main targets. 

How can I get in touch to discuss my requirements or place an order? 
Email is the best option if you let me know the address’s for the pick up and venue, times and dates then I will be in contact straight away with all the correct information to talk about the car and our new item. 
Why do you like to work with Simply Bows and Chair Covers?
Simply Bows and Chair Cover’s are all about personal theme and styling, which are also values Valley Retro like to have. With it winning an award for most promising new business you know you’re getting quality for your big day. 


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