Sunday, 6 May 2012

Simply a helping hand! Brides to be- get social media savvy to help you plan your big day

As most of the Simply Bows and Chair Covers team have not only dressed numerous weddings we are also all married and bursting with ideas!

Every bride to be has ideas upon ideas and we are often asked our advice on various topics at consultations as you poor ladies are swamped with ideas and suggestions from numerous bridal mags, blogs and of course (sometimes helpful...sometimes annoying) friends and family! Some brides struggle for ideasNow how do you rein in your ideas and decide which paths to take?

Why not turn to the wonderful world of social media...? Sound scary? It's not...honest! Let us help you find your feet....

Facebook is just full of wedding suppliers from the small one man bands to renowned international suppliers. Spend time scouring their pages and most importantly their photo albums! Local suppliers if they are on the ball (like the Simply Bows and Chair Covers team) will have separated their photos albums in to themes and venues so you can easily look at past events in your chosen venue or colour scheme.

You could also use facebook as a tool for your own wedding guests- perhaps a group to inform guests of location details, nearby accomodation etc.

Twitter is the second best well know form of social media and can also be a great tool. Twitter folks are amazing.. you just need to put out a tweet for a recomendation for a particular service in your area and very quickly your tweet will get several answers and several retweets by those who dont have a personal reccomendation but would like to help! Give it a go! The power of twitter!

Blogs are fast becoming a Bride to be's best friend. There are a whole host of blogs out there specialising in wedding trends and ideas and one of our favourites is Brides up North for all Brides above the 'North South Divide'! Other great blog's are Love my Dress and of course the Simply Bows and Chair Covers Blog!

Forums are a great place to chat with other brides and supplier and help you not feel alone during your ups and downs of the wonderful world of wedding planning.

Pinterest is a fab online scrapbook where you can save photos and ideas from bits and bobs you have found in all of the above tools and collacte quickly and easily on one programme! Its AMAZING!

Happy hunting folks, we hope you are inspired!

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