Monday, 27 February 2012

Simply Globetrotting: Renewing your vows around the world... to the same man...every single year....

After American's Susan and Evan Money got married and were spending a not so great first year anniversay (while both were working superviseing a school trip in France) they decided to plan an ad hoc trip to The Gardens of Versailles and an even more ad hoc renewal of the vows whilst away.

Blown over by the romance and fun of this move the couple  made a pact to do the very same thing every single year and renew their vows and get married all over again as they see it, in a different place around the world on their wedding anniversary each year.

15 years on and 15 weddings later they are still going strong and are as in love as the day they first married!

'Evan’s always been a thoughtful, romantic guy - he really is the love of my life. I never thought I’d be as happy as I was on my wedding day,' admits Susan, 'But it turns out - 15 weddings later - I’m even happier than before.'

See unique photos of their many, many weddings on The Mirror website ....

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