Wednesday, 28 December 2011

Simply baby bumps: Expecting a baby and getting married? Help is at hand!

There was a time when a bride would do her best to hide the fact of being pregnant when she married. But couture will always keep pace with social change. And with more conceptions now taking place outside marriage than within bridal gowns for the expectant mums are now much easier to find than ten years ago but in 2009 'Expectant Bride' bucked the trend and were the first company to offer exclusivity to pregnant women and only stock gowns for women expecting. We thought we would help out you lovely brides to be who are also set to be yummy mummies with a few helpful hints, tips and websites!

Wedding dress
Early Maternity Dress designs from Expectant Bride

The UK now have many fabulous dress designers who are specially trained to estimate how big the bride's bump will be by the big day, and design a dress accordingly.
Brides and Bumps Wedding Gown

Wedding dresses for the expectant bride should be made longer at the front so they do not rise up over an increasingly rounded stomach, and pulled in at the back to give a flattering shape and emphasis a small waist above any baby bump.

Gorgeous Bjorn & Me Grecian Style Gown

We would also suggest that the dress sides are hemmed to allow for last-minute alterations should growth exceed forecasts as often it can.

If you are a expectant bride to be looking for your dream wedding dress don't despair as the Simply Bows and Chair Covers team are here to help! Why not try some of the following companies who cater specially for women just like you!

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