Sunday, 20 November 2011

Simply Unique: Fab vintage supplier showcase: Daisy The Vintage Ice Cream Van

At Simply Bows and Chair Covers we love to work with imaginative brides to create a truly unique wedding for them. Through us working closely with our brides and grooms we are often introduced to some fabulous and unique suppliers and we thought we would interview one of our favourites to share with you today....

What is company name? 

Daisy The Vintage Ice Cream Van
Tara in Daisy The Vintage Ice Cream Van

What is your line of business?

Daisy and I are hired for private events, parties, festivals, fetes and fayres stocked up with delicious luxury ice cream, sorbets, ice lollies, hot chocolate, Champagne or Hot Toddys, dressed in bunting and fresh flowers we cater and entertain in the best possible way.

How and why the company begin? 

The company grew out of a love for vintage and entertainment coupled with a having a chocolate company that suffered with an Easter heatwave.

Are you married? 
No still searching!

Why do brides come to you? 
Brides come to me for something a little bit different for their wedding which will be fun and memorable for them and their guests and adds to the feel of their special, personal day.
What is your favourite design and why?
I would have say 1950s designs and styles are my favourite.

What is the most popular item you supply and why? 
Ice cream cornets are my most popular Daisy treat and no matter what type of event or what area I am in the banoffee ice cream always comes out at the no1 choice, male and female, children and adults.

Where do you get your inspiration from? 
From books and magazines and music but mainly from my customers who have the best ideas and suggestions.  I love that as a small company I can adapt and personalise the service and products I offer to suit different people.

What is in store for you in 2012

This year has been all about getting Daisy up and running, renovating the bodywork and working on the mechanics so she is able to take bookings further afield.  I am currently renovating her interior, installing a generator, new electrics, freezer, chiller, water system, lighting and sound system. I’m also taking licensing exam so I can apply for an alcohol licence for her and she can be a Champagne and cocktail bar too.  Next year will be all about weddings, parties, events and festivals, she’s booking so incredibly fast it’s looking like 2012 will be a very exciting year.

Who would be your dream client, and what sort of design would you envisage for them? 

I love that all my clients are different they all bring their own stamp to their day and their Daisy booking, they are all dream clients.

 What would be your top tips for brides when searching for a supplier in your industry?   

Look around at lots of different suppliers to start with and then start narrowing it down, ask for quotes and samples if possible, ask as many questions as possible and go with your gut instinct, if a supplier is off hand or difficult to contact strike them off and move on.  You need to feel you can trust your suppliers and be sure they will deliver, you don’t need the stress of chasing them up or the disappointment if they do a sloppy job.  Always remember you are the client.
Where are you based and where can you supply?

I am based in Berkshire, Daisy can get to events up to 100 miles away under her own steam, further afield she has to hop on a trailer.

How can I get in touch to discuss my requirements or place an order? 

You can contact me through the website the Booking Enquiry page asks for a few details that enable me to put a costing together for your event.  Or you can email me at or give me a call to discuss your requirements on Tel: 01344 005410

Why do you like to work with Simply Bows and Chair Covers

I think Simply Bows and Chair Covers' use of design and colour is well thought out and quality is second to none. I really enjoy seeing pictures of all of their different events and all of the fabulous ideas and original designs that are available from the Simply Team.

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