Thursday, 27 October 2011

Simply Genius or Simply Impersonal? You decide!

Once your wedding is over and the '5 day high' subsides, the honeymoon seems like a lifetime ago and you are settling in to married life one thing is still left to do. Write your thank you cards! Most Bride and Grooms dread this sometimes tedious task yet others revel in it!

The Daily Mail revealed this week that there are now such a thing as Wedding Thank You Card Writers such as the aptly named 'Wedding Thank You Writer'! These companies offer a professional letter-writing service for brides and grooms with the late thank you-blues!specialising in wedding thank yous, designed to avoid the 'late thank-you-note blues.'

Brides using this service are given a choice of samples that include male or female handwriting and cursive or print.
Cards are left unsigned or names are printed depending on the couples preference and then posted back to the couple for them to send on to their wedding guests. 

We want to know... do you think this is a fabulous idea that you would do yourself or do you think its an awful impersonal idea that shouldnt be done?!


  1. Hate this idea! The point of a thank you card is that you take the time to 'personally' thank someone. Getting someone else to do it completely takes the meaning away.

  2. Ooh don't like that at all. If people have bothered to take the time to come to your wedding and/or give you a gift the least you can do is write a note of thanks. People don't want long letters just a personal touch. Well that's my halfpenneth worth anyway Kristy! See you soon Kate xx